12 Days of Christmas: Leverage Your Good Reputation with Certification

Many marketers consider the holiday season the most important time of the year and rely on holiday sales to get their business in to the “black.” The pressure of the season may entice some marketers to cut corners and embrace questionable sending practices such as purchasing email lists, excessively increasing frequency and volume and sending to subscribers from their suppression lists. These bad practices can cause an increase in complaints, unknown users and spam traps which are all main contributors to getting your email filtered in to the junk folder or blocked by the ISPs. It’s also a great way to get on to Santa’s “naughty” list which can negatively affect your deliverability and response rates during the most important time of the year.

For this holiday season, is your email program going to be on Santa’s “naughty” or “nice” list? You can get on Santa’s “nice” list but you must meet his strict best-in-class sending practices. Return Path offers the leading email “nice” list in the industry which certifies thousands of world class senders at four times more inboxes than any other accreditation program. As a best-in-class sender, Return Path’s Certified Whitelist provides you a step up on your competition while improving your deliverability and response rates and email ROI.

Improve your Deliverability
How can your subscribers see your content and offer if they never receive the message? Gain access to over 2 billion inboxes worldwide and receive preferential treatment from hundreds of ISPs including Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo!, Comcast and key international domains.

Bypass content filters
Program members receive a beneficial initial score with SpamAssassin filtering. This enables email senders to use words and phrases that may have traditionally caused their email to be filtered. Because of your trusted status in the program, using words like “Free shipping,” “Lowest Price” or even making “Guarantees” will not impact your deliverability. Now you can focus on creating the optimal offer, survey or newsletter without compromise and with confidence that your message is delivered to the inbox.

Enable Images
The majority of email clients automatically turn off images as a default so why not make the most of your holiday content and let your subscribers see your fantastic images and creative. For Certified senders, images are automatically enabled at Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo! so you can focus on optimizing your campaigns for higher response and improved subscriber experiences.

So be good for goodness sake!
Flixster, the popular movie lovers social website joined Return Path’s Certified “nice” list which helped them improve click-through rates up to 300%. But getting on the list doesn’t guarantee success if you fall back in to your old, bad habits. Once you are on the “nice” list be sure to maintain best-in-class sending practices for goodness sake – or you may end up with a lump of coal in your stocking this holiday season.

Learn more about all of the benefits Return Path’s Certified Whitelist has to offer – don’t delay!

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We’ve also created a quick tip sheet of the 12 steps you need to take to be more successful this holiday season.

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