12 Days of Christmas: Don't Forget the Holiday Wrapping

From holiday parties to decorating and shopping for gifts, there seems to be a never ending list of things to do during the holiday season. And while you are not likely to forget to put up the tree or attend your company holiday party, you just might forget to pick up a gift for your child’s teacher or put out cookies for Santa. The same goes for busy marketers. While a great deal of effort is put into the creative campaign planning, it can be easy to forget to put a bow and ribbon on a major work horse of your email program: the transactional emails.

Because transactional messages traditionally have high open rates, take the time to focus on the details and use these messages to further engage with your subscribers during the busy holiday season.

Make product recommendations. Whether these transactional messages are confirming a purchase or providing shipping information, these emails are a great opportunity to include related products or products that the subscriber browsed (but didn’t purchase) while visiting your web site. Your best customers are existing customers so use these transactional messages to provide additional opportunities to engage with (and purchase from) your site.

Include customer reviews and testimonials. Email is becoming more and more social. Use your transactional messages to include customer reviews and testimonials and bring a social aspect to the usually dry transactional emails. The best recommendations come from other customers and the transactional messages provide a great way to reinforce your brand and your products.

Be accessible. Transactional emails are your main line of communication during the fulfillment process. By providing all contact information (i.e., chat, phone, email) for customer service in your transactional emails, you demonstrate your focus on the customer. Make it easy for customers to engage with you during every step of the purchase process.

Put the subscriber first. Just because someone makes a purchase, doesn’t mean they have agreed to receive emails from you. Use your transactional emails to promote the sign-up for your various emails and message streams and always include a link to your preference center to allow current subscribers to opt-out, opt-down, and update their preferences.

Don’t forget the “from” line. Just because this email is transactional in nature doesn’t mean it has to look impersonal. Take this opportunity to reinforce your brand by ensuring your company name is displayed in the “friendly from” for all transactional messages.

By focusing on your transactional emails, you will ensure your entire email program is ready for the holidays.

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We’ve also created a quick tip sheet of the 12 steps you need to take to be more successful this holiday season.

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